The story of Corny Design

Well, hello and welcome to Corny Design. You’re probably on this page to read our background story and that’s exactly what we will do!
Once upon a time there wer… No, just kidding.

The start

Corny Design is started by a designer couple. They’re both product designers. Two totally different ones. But there is one thing they have in common: They want to make what they love and be themselves. They are a little crazy minded and stand out in the streets, at least that’s what people say about them. And the only thing they think on that very moment is: “Dare to be yourself”.

The name

Why did we choose to name our company Corny Design? Well that’s a very good and funny question. The dutch translation for Corny is “afgezaagd”. This is very similar to the English meaning of corny but with a funny kind of tone.
We told you, they are a little crazy. Beside that they are designers that work with wood and corn. Wood you can saw and the dutch word “afgezaagd” means “to cut down”. Now you’re probably thinking how will they work with corn? One of the things we work with at Corny Design is a 3d printer! And for that, they use material made out of corn. How awesome is that? 100% biodegradable and perfect for forming complex designs and molds.

Our mission

Our mission is to make people believe in themselves and make people happy with our products. We believe in the dare to be challenge to discover the real you in you. It’s a daily challenge you can do, to discover how you feel when you behave differenly for one day. When you do this challenge you step in other people’s footsteps and maybe these footsteps fit perfectly.

Chat with us

Corny Design love to chat with their customers. We are making products on order with love and care. Your feedback is very welcome, we always try to make customers happy and that’s our greatest gift we can give for al the people around the world. For more information about our contact form and social media activities, see our Contactpage.

We wish you a very pleasant visit on our website!
The Corny Design team.

Nika & Stefan