Corny dare to be Challenge


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The Corny challenge is a way to discover your own personality in a happy and adventurous way. We want you to dare to be yourself, everyday, every time. The only thing you have to do is your daily; dare to be assignment. Do you dare to accept the Corny challenge?

Discover your new I and find out what you like in life and most of all go for it! Finally we all want the best of our self, isn’t it? With the Corny “Dare to be” Challenge you can be a whole other person for one day without shame. Share your result on social media and all your friends know you will be that person today. Good luck to avoid you daily behave and most noteworthy have fun!

Because you want to inform your friends about your new you of today. We have also share buttons below of this page so you can share the Corny “Dare to be” Challenge. Because your friends want to know what’s really going on to you today and probably you can even challenge them to join.
Maybe you have other dares you think we should add to the challenge? Therefore you can send us a message via the reply box below, our Contact page or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy your day!


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